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I was about to settle down to enjoy the show when Jerry came in and said that Amanda needed me upstairs, “needed me” I thought that’s a first, so I tossed big blue and the tube of KY gel onto the chair and went up to see what Amanda wanted, as I entered the room there Amanda was on the bed between Paul and Alan who had now more or less recovered from their earlier exertions she had a cock in each hand and was working them back to firmness, in return their hands were on her tits and ass pulling and prodding working her pussy with their thick fingers, “come here babe and lie on the bed, On your back babe, with your head at the foot of the bed” so I lay on the bed on my back with my head at the foot of the bed from experience I knew it was pointless to ask why, when I had got comfortable she swung herself around and hooked her legs under my arms and lowered her hot pussy onto my face, I knew what was required so began to lick the length of her slit and gently sucked on her clit, Paul and Alan were on either side of my body with Amanda still working on their dicks, then to my surprise she leant forward and took my half hard cock in her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down my dick, with the help of the cialis I became erect almost at once, she continued to work slowly an my cock with her lips until she let go of Alan’s cock and he got up from the bed and I realised what she was intending to do Sexy Hub – [720p Full.
As I lay there with her pussy just above my face her hole open and hot and my cock in the back of her throat his cock swung into view she arched her back and lifted her pussy off my mouth just in time to meet the end of his cock, which nuzzled gently into the folds of her pussy where it paused, “lick my clit” she demanded and slipped the end of my now hard cock back into her mouth , I raised my head and lapped at her clit unable to avoid licking the end of Alan’s cock as well, at that point Alan began to feed his cock home and as he did so Amanda slipped her mouth down my cock as Alan’s cock went further in so did my cock into her mouth, then his balls rubbed over my forehead and nose and his dick bottomed out in her pussy, the scent of her sex was overpowering and so it continued, me lapping her clit, her sucking my cock and Alan riding her hole his balls brushing my face with every thrust, how long this went on for I cannot be sure but after some time Alan removed his cock and was replaced by Paul who continued as Alan had done, then they changed again and again for what seemed like a age I could see nothing to either side but I knew others had entered the room but mercifully no other cocks came into Amanda’s pussy and as her juices were now flowing freely I was struggling to keep her clean, it was then that I realised I was coming, my cock was jerking and I was spunking deep into her throat , I heard her gag and she released my cock for a moment, long enough to spur Alan and Paul on to a greater effort, my cock re-entered her mouth and she licked and sucked it clean, The cocks in her pussy were now changing continually and she was getting ridden really hard and fast then with a final deep plunge the first cock came deep in her hole, her pussy contacting and his balls pulsating as he emptied his load inside her, then after a few seconds he pulled out and was replaced by the second cock that started pounding her pussy for all it was worth, the first load of cum was now coating his dick and frothing up on her pussy lips, “Lick me, Lick me” she ordered and I did the best I could but the balls slapping my face were getting faster and faster and was distracting me ,then he too sunk it all the way in, his balls covering my eyes as he shot his load into her pussy he seemed to ejaculate forever his balls twitching as he groaned and Amanda grunted, after what seemed like a eternity he withdrew his cock and for a split second I looked deep into Amanda’s stretched hole and saw the hot cum deep inside her, with that she raised her body and planted her hole onto my mouth “Lick me, Lick me, eat me out” and then the first dollop of hot salty cum hit my mouth and I did as she said demanded and ate her out, someone said “god do I need to try some of that” I think it was Jenny but I was not sure
BTAW - Alexis Ford, Angelina Valentine, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie (8 min) 1

Usa BTAW – Alexis Ford, Angelina Valentine, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie (8 min)

While she had seen Billy nude a few years back this was the first she had seen his cock since he entered puberty, However, the thought of stripping in front of her excited him a little….

BTAW - Alexis Ford, Angelina Valentine, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie (8 min) 2

Casado BTAW – Alexis Ford, Angelina Valentine, Kagney Linn Karter, Phoenix Marie (8 min) Girlnextdoor

I told her my girlfriend was out with her friends for a wine tour and wouldn’t be home until after midnight,

As she stood back up the leggings crept between her cheeks giving her a wedgie

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