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at times I could see people looking at us, until he filled me with cum, as we got dressed he told me to bring my husband to a restaurant in town he would pay for dinner if I wore the crotch less panties and let him fuck my hairy cunt again, so later that night I was bent over in a bathroom stall in the restaurant with my skirt pushed up and Emod’s cock inside me fucking me hard until he shot his load in me , this went on for the rest of our vacation, I would let Emod and Kaplan use me whenever they wanted however they wanted, on the beach, in our hotel room behind a tree, on the side of the road, in the water, I was their whore [4k Hd] Amberwinters.
Two day later I was on the boat heading out to visit some islands, as we left the dock, Emod passed out coffee to the others, I was sitting back relaxing in the morning sun when Emod came to me with a coffee, we talked, a bit and he went back to work, we stopped at a nice lagoon, to swim, we all got in the water being alone on the trip was kind of bad, so I just swam around a bit, Emod jumped in to keep me company, we talked a bit, I turned to swim backward to the and bumped into Emod, I felt his arms go around me, his hands moved to my breasts and stomach, one hand slipped down to my pussy, his hand was fully on my pussy and I felt his mouth close to my ear, I froze when I felt his hard on pushing on my ass, he whispered sorry in my ear and let me go, I moved to the boat and got out of the water, I picked up the hose to wash the salt water off me and climbed up the ladder, I walked to the drinks and grabbed myself a beer, the ship moved on I had a couple of beers when I noticed that 2 of the women had taken their tops off, I returned to my lounge and slipped the straps of my top down when a older Turkish man walked up to me with a cold beer , he handed it to me, and said no one would mind if I also took my top off, I smiled and said okay, my top was removed and placed in my bag, the man Kaplan, picked up my sun tan lotion, putting some on me he got behind and started to rub it in, his hands went to my tits as he massaged it in to me, he even pinched my nipples saying I had nice tits, he left and I sat in the sun a bit
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“Until, Her nipples were as hard as little hazelnuts….

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“I sat on his lap and told him he deserved a good girl who wouldn’t cause him all this stress, Click here. “We’ll have to institute a No Cameras rule for sure

Duration: 24 minModel: Amber HardinCountry: Russia

Date: October 24, 2021